• Digest: A digest is a 32-byte numeric sequence to identify a file, content or any other data. Xvc uses different algorithms to generate this sequence.
  • Associated Digest: This is a specific kind of digest associated with an entity. An entity can have more than one digests, like content digest or metadata digest. Xvc uses these different kinds of digests to avoid unnecessary digest calculations.
  • Recheck: Recheck is the process of linking a file to its copy in Xvc cache. Xvc uses different methods to recheck a file, like copy, symlink, hardlink or reflink.
  • Workspace: A project is broadly divided into 3 different types of directories. .xvc/ contains the cache and metadata of the tracked files and pipelines, .git/ contains the git repository and the workspace contains the files that are tracked by either Xvc or git. It's the place where you do your work.
  • Carry-In: Carry-in is the process of adding a new version of a file to Xvc cache. It's analogous to git commit.