xvc pipeline run


$ xvc pipeline run --help
Run a pipeline

Usage: xvc pipeline run [OPTIONS]

  -p, --pipeline-name <PIPELINE_NAME>  Name of the pipeline to run
  -h, --help                           Print help


Pipelines require Xvc to be initialized before running.

$ git init
$ xvc init

Xvc defines a default pipeline and any steps added without specifying the pipeline will be added to it.

$ xvc pipeline list
| Name    | Run Dir |
| default |         |

Create a new step in this pipeline with xvc pipeline step new command.

$ xvc pipeline step new --step-name hello --command "echo hello"
$ xvc pipeline dag --format=mermaid
flowchart TD

You can run the default pipeline without specifying its name.

$ xvc pipeline run
[OUT] [hello] hello
[DONE] hello (echo hello)

Note that, when a step has no dependencies, it's set to always run if it's not set to run never explicitly.

$ xvc pipeline step update --step-name hello --when never

$ xvc pipeline run

Run a specific pipeline

You can run a specific pipeline by specifying its name with --name option.

$ xvc pipeline new --pipeline-name my-pipeline

$ xvc pipeline --pipeline-name my-pipeline step new --step-name my-hello --command "echo 'hello from my-pipeline'"

$ xvc pipeline run --pipeline-name my-pipeline
[OUT] [my-hello] hello from my-pipeline
[DONE] my-hello (echo 'hello from my-pipeline')