xvc pipeline step new


Create a new step in the pipeline.


$ xvc pipeline step new --help
Add a new step

Usage: xvc pipeline step new [OPTIONS] --step-name <STEP_NAME> --command <COMMAND>

  -s, --step-name <STEP_NAME>  Name of the new step
  -c, --command <COMMAND>      Step command to run
      --when <WHEN>            When to run the command. One of always, never, by_dependencies (default). This is used to freeze or invalidate a step manually
  -h, --help                   Print help


This command works only in Xvc repositories.

$ git init
$ xvc init

You can create a new step with a name and a command.

$ xvc pipeline step new --step-name hello --command "echo hello"

By default a step will run only if its dependencies have changed. (--when by_dependencies).

If you want to run the command always, regardless of the changes in dependencies, you can set --when to always.

$ xvc pipeline step new --step-name world --command "echo world" --when always

If you want a step to never run, you can set --when to never.

$ xvc pipeline step new --step-name never --command "echo never" --when never

You can update when the step will run with xvc pipeline step update.

You can get the list of steps in the pipeline with export or dag.

$ xvc pipeline export
  "name": "default",
  "steps": [
      "command": "echo hello",
      "dependencies": [],
      "invalidate": "ByDependencies",
      "name": "hello",
      "outputs": []
      "command": "echo world",
      "dependencies": [],
      "invalidate": "Always",
      "name": "world",
      "outputs": []
      "command": "echo never",
      "dependencies": [],
      "invalidate": "Never",
      "name": "never",
      "outputs": []
  "version": 1,
  "workdir": ""