xvc file bring


$ xvc file bring --help
Bring (download, pull, fetch) files from external storages

Usage: xvc file bring [OPTIONS] --storage <STORAGE> [TARGETS]...

          Targets to bring from the storage

  -s, --storage <STORAGE>
          Storage name or guid to send the files

          Force even if the files are already present in the workspace

          Don't recheck (checkout) after bringing the file to cache.
          This makes the command similar to `git fetch` in Git. It just updates the cache, and doesn't copy/link the file to workspace.

      --recheck-as <RECHECK_AS>
          Recheck (checkout) the file in one of the four alternative ways. (See `xvc file recheck`) and [RecheckMethod]

  -h, --help
          Print help (see a summary with '-h')